Wolfs Conservation and Restoration


Welcome to Eva Wolfs' website

Welkom op de webpagina van Eva Wolfs

Here you will find information about my work in conservation and restoration of ceramics, glass and similar materials.

Deze pagina toont informatie over mijn werk als restaurator van keramiek, glas en aanverwante materialen. 

Member of the International Council Of Museums - Committee of Conservation (ICOM-CC)
Restauratoren Nederland and the Art Restorers Association (ARA)

I have worked with many different materials that include:

- (low fired) earthenware
- terracotta
- lead glazed ceramics
- tin glazed ceramics ~ Delftware
- stoneware
- porcelain
- contemporary ceramic artwork
- roman glass
- venetian glass
- clear glass
- rock crystal
- marble
- alabaster
- jade
- enamel objects
Fully licensed in conservation and restoration of ceramics, glass, stone and similar materials.