Wolfs Conservation and Restoration

An 18th century Delft 'Bobbejak', the Delftware version of a gin bottle. 

Approximate size:
Height: ca. 30cm.


Suggested treatment:
The object was cleaned and old restorations were removed before new fills were made. All fills were retouched.  

Photos of the completed treatment, click on the image for a larger size:

1. A picture of the pair

2. The object after the completed treatment

3. Detail of the top of the handle after cleaning
4. Suggested fills for the same area based on the damage and marks in the ceramic

5. The same area before any treatment
6. The same area after the completed treatment

7. The side of the head, showing the hat as a lid. Before treatment
8. The same area after the completed treatment
Fully licensed in conservation and restoration of ceramics, glass, stone and similar materials.