Wolfs Conservation and Restoration

A Delftware so called 'Herring-plate' , Dutch tin-glazed ceramics marked: Delftse plateelbakkerij 'De Grieksche A', Jan van den Briel 1768-1796.

Approximate size:
Length: ca. 30cm.

The plate was very dirty, all around the edges the missing chips due to fritting ( a common form of degradation in Delftware) were very dark with dirt-buildups. Also; the tail of the fish was gone and some old restorations in the same area were yellowed. 

Suggested treatment:
All parts were cleaned before a fill of the tail was made. This was then retouched so that it gave a natural look to the whole. For the plates future setting the restorations did not need to be invisible but we neither wanted them to draw any unwanted attention. 

Photos of the completed treatment, click on the image for a larger size:

1. The object before treatment
2. The object after treatment

3. Picture showing some of the
 fritting before cleaning
4. Picture showing the same area after cleaning

5. The missing tail before treatment
6. The tail after treatment
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