Wolfs Conservation and Restoration

A ceramic plaque from The National Maritime Museum - Het Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam. Part of a matching set. The decoration is based on an engraving by A. Allard ca. 1720.
Made in Delft ca. 1750-1760

Approximate size:
Heigth: 42cm.
Width: 37cm.

The object was broken into two pieces and had been restored sometime in the past. The old restorations had turned very yellow and were due for upkeep.

Suggested treatment:
The old adhesive was still strong so only the discoloured old restorations had to be removed so new fills could be made and then retouched.

Photos of the completed treatment, click on the image for a larger size:

1. The object before treatment
2. The object after the completed treatment

Fully licensed in conservation and restoration of ceramics, glass, stone and similar materials.