Wolfs Conservation and Restoration

Two rare Delftware teapots, modelled after Chinese Yixing teapots

Approximate size:
Max. height: 15 cm. 

Two teapots that both needed a good cleaning. One of the lids had the top broken and clumsely bonded in the past, with glue that had now deteriorated and yellowed. 

Treatment carried out:
Both teapots have been cleaned and the silver mounts have been polished. The old fracture on one of the lids was cleaned and bonded.

Photos of the completed treatment, click on the image for a larger size:

1. The first teapot before treatment
2. The first teapot after treatment

3. The damaged lid before treatment
4. The lid during treatment
5. The lid after treatment

6. The second teapot before treatment
7. The second teapot after treatment

8. Close-up of the second teapot before treatment
9. Close-up of the same area after treatment

10. Delftware mark on the bottom of one of the teapots

Fully licensed in conservation and restoration of ceramics, glass, stone and similar materials.