Wolfs Conservation and Restoration

Frontal half figure of a woman from Ancient Greece.

The protome was badly broken into many pieces.

Suggested treatment:
First the planes of the crack were consolidated. Then all the pieces could be bonded back in the original position. Then fills were made in different colours so that no retouching was needed. 

Photos of the process, click on the image for a larger size.
From left to right and top to bottom:

1. The object pieced together
2. The lower side of the object during the bonding
3. The object after the completed treatment
4. A close-up of the body after treatment
5. A close-up of the badly broken face after bonding 
but before any colored fills were made
6. A close-up of the face after the completed treatment
Fully licensed in conservation and restoration of ceramics, glass, stone and similar materials.