Wolfs Conservation and Restoration

14k Gold remontoir horloge on a winged broche with a big diamond encircled by smaller diamonds and blue enamel. Horlogerie Soignée La Villa ancre 17 rubis, spiral breguet levees visibles, double binnencouvert.
Champlevée enamel with a portrait of Brunhild from the opera 'Die Walküre' from 'Der ring des Nibelungen' by Richard Wagner.
Dated circa 1880.

Approximate size:
Ca. 5 cm. 

Three small chips were missing from the blue enamel on various parts of the watch.

Suggested treatment:
All parts were cleaned before colored fills were made. 

Photos of the completed treatment, click on the image for a larger size:

1. The object after treatment

2. & 3. First chip before and after treatment
4. & 5. Second chip before and after treatment
6. & 7. Third chip before and after treatment
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