Wolfs Conservation and Restoration

A Chinese late 18th - early 19th century stone plaque. Inlaid on both sides with different types of stone, different types of wood, horn, mother of pearl and ivory or bone.

Approximate size:
Ø = 23cm.

The plaque was very dirty and had several pieces missing.

Treatment carried out:
First I needed to clean the object. Some of the missing pieces were delivered separately and had to be bonded back in place. Other pieces were permanently lost in which case fills needed to be made. Marks and remnants on the stone showed what piece was missing where.
Missing bits of stone and horn were remade using silicone moulds and epoxy. These fills were then bonded with Paraloid B72 for a safe and durable joint. Finally they were retouched to loose. 
For the missing bits of wood and mother of pearl a furniture conservator, Dave van Gompel, was contracted. 

Photos of the completed treatment, click on the image for a larger size:

1 & 2. Both sides of the object after the completed treatment

3 & 4. Show a section of the plaque where a piece was missing; a wise man holding a scroll. Before and after treatment.

5 & 6. Show detail of a piece of horn missing before, and the fill afterwards. 

7 & 8. Detail of the blossoms befor and after, where one flower was missing. Dave van Gompel made the leaves out of mother of pearl and I made the buds out of epoxy. 
Fully licensed in conservation and restoration of ceramics, glass, stone and similar materials.